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Lucky In Love & House Hunting: Agent Advice to Find the Right Fit

Lucky In Love and House Hunting: Advice to Find the Right Fit

If you and your partner are house hunting — don’t let the stress of shopping for a new home dampen your romance. With two different opinions driving the purchase process, it can create disagreements. Here are some tips for finding your perfect home — together.

Consider the lifestyle changes most couples face throughout a long relationship. Homeowners are living in their homes longer than ever, so couples need to consider possible lifestyle changes in the future. Think about kids, elderly parents, job changes and hobbies.

In most markets, we expect buyers to see multiple offers on homes through May and June.  Work with a professional agent who is familiar with the area and offers insights to the local housing market — the way you handle bids over list price and how quickly you react in a seller’s market depends on a specific region’s market. An experienced agent can offer advice on if you should be cautious or overzealous.

Couples should write down their top 10 wants and needs separately, then compare the lists to see where agreements can be made — it’s a great starting point for couples to get them on the same page before they go to see homes. If nothing matches on the list of 10, write down 20, and so on, until an agreement on a couple of factors can be made to kick off house hunting.

The first thing house hunters should do is ask their agent important questions. Questions like, ‘How long have you been in the business?’ ‘How many buyers did you help last year?’ or ‘What are the top three things that separate you from the competition?’” Answers to these key questions allow homebuyers to identify the characteristics and qualifications they value most in an agent. And they also highlight the agent’s strengths that will help guide a couple through the real estate process.

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