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Mullins Bend


 Mullins BendMullinsBend

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Do you desire to be in a neighborhood that is away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city, but just close enough to where you can get to work or have a nice dinner in town? If so, Mullins Bend is the neighborhood for you.

Mullins Bend has multiple features right in the neighborhood that allow you and your neighbors to have a choice of different activities during the day, without even having to start your car. These amenities include a community pool, clubhouse, sand volleyball court, fishing lake, picnic pavilion and a walking path. Mullins bend is the perfect neighborhood for individuals who desire to keep up an active lifestyle with their friends or family.

Mullins Bend is located in a city just outside of Huntsville, Alabama called Meridianville. This name may sound familiar if you have ever been to Tate Farms. Tate Farms is an extremely well known Pumpkin Farm located in the red clay soils of the Tennessee Valley. You will find adults and children of all ages making a trip to Tate Farms every fall to pick out their perfect pumpkin for Halloween or Thanksgiving. Another signature Meridianville go to is Biscuit Express, there is a line out to the road of their drive thru every morning as people make their morning commute. Biscuit Express is known for their amazing biscuits and “good ol’fashioned friendly and courteous service.”

If you are considering making Mullins Bend a home for your family, please visit the school links below to help make your decision.

Riverton Elementary

Riverton Intermediate

Buckhorn Highschool

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